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September 5, 2011
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They had just reached the edge of town, where the warning sign stood on the side of the road, cautioning the appearance of "vicious" wild Pokemon. Felix took a deep breath, and Sugi started laughing. "What?" he said, unsure whether he should laugh along, or just stand there.

"You just… you… oh my…" she said between laughs. Finally she took one big breath and said, "You just breathed like you were about to skydive off a jet plane or something," and then continued laughing.

Seeing her laugh so hysterically, Felix couldn't help but crack a smile himself. "Well not all of us get to experience the world so early on," he said, matter-of-fact-ly. "You're right, I'm sorry," Sugi apologized after settling down. "So, shall we?" And they started down the path.


"It's only an hour or so walking. My uncle took me on his Ostrell, so it only took 20 minutes." Sugi said after they've been walking for about fifteen minutes. It was still 10:25, but the sun was already heating up the air around them. Felix reached into his backpack for water, felt around, then suddenly turned around to look in it. "Oh no, I didn't bring water!"

"Oh will you relax? Like I said, it's only an hour, you'll survive. Plus, it's not like we're going to be running from wild PokeMON!" Sugi ended her sentence with a yelp and jumped behind Felix as a Pokemon came out of the brushes ahead. It had a thick brown band over its nose and across its eyes, and spikes sticking out every which way on its back. As it continued walking, Felix noticed that it was limping. "Wait," he said to Sugi, and started walking slowly towards the Pokemon.

"What are you doing?!" cried Sugi in a low, hushed voice. "It might attack you!"

"It's hurt," he said, pointing at the Pokemon's hind leg. There were obvious bloodstains on it, and it was being dragged along the ground. Felix crouched down as he approached the injured animal, and began speaking in a soft, low voice, trying to sound as unthreatening as he could. "Hey there, buddy. Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you, see?" he opened up his hands towards the creature, palms up, as a sign of friendliness. The Pokemon shied away and glared at him. He beckoned it closer, and got on one knee. The animal hesitated, but then began to slowly stalk towards him. It sniffed his fingers, and then backed away a little again. "Oh no, it's okay buddy," Felix reassured it and opened his fingers wider. He then reached into his bag, and the Pokemon hissed at him. Felix stopped cold. "Oh… uhh. No, no, not a Pokeball." He pulled out a roll of medical bandage he had brought and pulled a section of it away, then pointed at the Pokemon's hind leg. It looked at him, then looked at its leg, and to Felix's surprise it turned to its side and lied down, offering out its leg to be bandaged.

Felix looked back at Sugi, who was still holding her face shocked. He gave her a smile, then turned back to carefully wrap the bandage around the Pokemon's leg several times. Once he was done, it moved its leg testing it out, and stood back up. As Felix stood up as well, it rubbed its head against his leg, letting out a low, throaty purr. Felix could feel the vibrations up his leg, he looked back at Sugi and gave her a thumbs up. She had her hands over her mouth, hiding a huge smile. Then the Pokemon gave a grunt of approval, and limped back into the bushes.

"Wow, that was amazing!" Sugi said as Felix walked back to her, "you just like, like, totally went like, Pokemon-whisperer or something! Like, it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! All without a Pokemon!"

"I know! I was freakin' out when it suddenly hissed, thought I was gonna get some nice claw marks across my face on my first day!" Felix said in a relieved tone. He was still replaying the whole scene in his head. "Well then…" Felix let out a long breath, "Do we still need the repels?"

"I think we should keep them, just in case. How do they work anyways?" Sugi asked, pulling on of the canisters out of Felix's bag. She examined it for directions, "Aha! Here it is. It says 'Step 1: twist nozzle to unplug. Step 2: spray 3 times in the direction you wish to walk in. Step 3: start walking and repeat every 20 paces for best effect."

"Well, there you have it, twist and spray," Felix said as he put his backpack back on. So Sugi twisted the nozzle, and sprayed it three times in front of them, and they continued walking, following the instructions and spraying every now and then.


After about an hour, they finally reached Felitrix. It was a big town, with the symbolic cat-head-shaped Felitrix Lab right smack in the middle of town.

"We're here!" Sugi yelled, throwing her arms in the air and giving a little hop. They had used up all of their repels, and not met another wild Pokemon since. "We can go to my auntie's first to take a break," Sugi said, pointing in the direction of the Felitrix lab.

The got to her aunt's house, a tall but skinny building just a block away from the Lab. Sugi rang the doorbell. Ding-dong. "Auntie!" she yelled up at the balcony.

"Are you guys looking for Mr and Mrs.Zhi?" said a voice from behind them. They turned around to see a little boy standing across the street, about 10 or 11 years old. "They're over there," he said, pointing at the lab.

"Oh, okay. Thanks kid," said Sugi with a smile, and she grabbed Felix and they ran up to the lab.


The lab had the same intercom doorbell as the Fern's house. Felix pressed the button. "Hello, this is Mika Fern, how may I help you?" came a sweet voice over the speakers.

Before Felix could reply, Sugi pushed him out of the way, "Hey Mika! It's Sugi!" Immediately, the doors unlocked and opened up. Sugi pulled Felix inside.

The inside was just as big as the Fern's house, but everything was a clean shade of light gray or a pure pearly white. The huge windows on either side of the door let in so much light, they only had electric bulbs in the individual offices. This was the most eco-friendly building in all of Formos, with a roof completely covered with solar panels and three full-sized wind turbines behind it. That, along with the electricity generating gym equipment it has, produces enough energy to run the lab and every house in a one-mile radius. It stores 2% of its daily energy in a large battery in its basement, so that if it were to ever run out in the day, it could still power the lab for another 2 weeks when the battery is fully charged. And even if that ran out, the lab always had at least 3 Joulites around to help power it.

"Heya kids!" Professor Fern came strolling towards them from across the huge room in her high platforms. She quickly greeted both of them and they all sat down at one of the many tables in the center of the room. Sugi's aunt and uncle were there, as well as Mika, Rina's older sister.

"Welcome to Felitrix Felix," Professor Fern said as she sat down. Felix pulled the chair out and sat down with them. "Are you two ready to get your Pokemon?"

"Like heck we are!" Sugi shouted in excitement, pumping her fists in the air.

"Well someone looks excited," Mika chimed in.

Finally, the Professor stood up. "Well then," she announced, "You two, follow me!"

Felix got up; he could feel his pulse speed up, the adrenaline rush through his veins. What are they going to look like? What am I going to name mine? What is Sugi going to pick? The questions bounced around in his brain while his feet moved on their own behind Sugi and the Professor. They got to the huge machine in the middle of one of the walls, hooked up to the various tubes and wires. It looked a huge incubator. Professor Fern punched in a few buttons on the keypad next to the machine, and it whirred to life. Instantly, it seemed like the whole machine was transforming, the parts all moved at the same time. The large shield around the hub opened up and shifted up into the top compartment, and the fans on the bottom began to give a low, warm whirl. They conveyor belt began spinning around slowly, and the platform glowed a soft blue. Professor Fern clicked a few more keys, and the machine beep several times. Then from behind the hub, out came three small spheres, red on top, white in bottom. Both Felix and Sugi's eyes grew wide as they looked at the Pokeballs in awe and wonder, like little kids watching a magic show.

"Go ahead, pick one, and choose wisely. Because the one you set your hands on will be your companion for the rest of your journey," said Professor Fern, motioning towards the Pokeballs.

"You choose first, Felix," said Sugi.

"No, ladies first," Felix, pushing Sugi forward a little.

"Fine, then I will." She looked at each of the Pokeballs. Then she slowly reached for the center one.

"Wait," said Professor Fern suddenly. "It wouldn't be smart to just choose blindly, how would it." She hit a few more keys, typed something into the computer, and on the center hub popped up the various information on each of the Pokemon.

Suddenly Sugi gave a short yelp and grabbed the one on the right.

"So you pick Swimergi? Good choice. It's a little slow in terms of travel, but very durable and a great starter Pokemon," said Professor Fern, clearly enjoying the excitement. "What about you Felix?"

Felix looked at the two remaining Pokeballs, and glanced at the pictures on the hub screen. He picked up the one on the left, giving a decisive nod.

"Sproutile, eh? Great choice as well! It's got lots of energy and is very playful," the professor commented, "Go ahead, let it out."

Felix pressed the little white button on the Pokeball, and it popped open and out shot a jagged beam of red light. A small, green reptile materialized, it had a huge head compared to its body, and little leaves sprouting from its head. It gave a cheerful growl with its huge mouth and jumped onto Felix.

"Hey there buddy," Felix said with a chuckle, watching as the Sproutile climbed all over him, "I'm going to name you Tex!" The Sproutile looked at him and growled in agreement.

"Wow, yours is cute too!" said Sugi, smiling at Tex, "But mine's is cuter!" she then announced and let out her Swimergi. It was a stout animal, with egg shaped bubbles on its back. It had a band around its eyes and over its snout, like a swimming goggle. Sugi picked it up and looked at it, "I'm gonna name you Scuba!" The Swimergi smiled and let out a short grunt of joy, waving its stubby legs in the air.

"All right you two," Professor Fern had left and returned with two small gadgets. "You know what these are," she said, looking at the knowingly. Felix and Sugi each took a Pokedex and just stared at it with huge smiles on their faces. "Well, as you know, Formos is a big place, and since you know the history of the Dex, I won't bother to explain," said the Professor, "Anyways, I'll send you guys some little gifts every now and then for thanks, so run along now."

"Yes ma'am!" they said in unison, and with a synchronized about-face, they ran out the door. Felix practically flew off the stairs and onto the streets because he was sprinting so fast. They reached the south exit, and Felix gave a loud moan of disbelief. "Aw man! I forgot my cellphone at home," he complained loudly.

"Well you better get that then," Sugi said, "I have mine right he—," her sentence was interrupted by the cellphone in her pocket. "Hey it's Rina. Hello?"

"Heya Sugi! Come back here right now, I gotta give you guys something."

" 'K," replied Sugi, quickly relaying the message to Felix. The two of them then took off through the forest again.


Ding-dong rang the Fern house doorbell. Rina opened the door and welcomed the two of them. They went inside and she handed them 5 Pokeballs each, then they quickly set off on their way back to Felitrix again. Sugi went on ahead as Felix ran home for his cellphone, and as he was about to re-enter the forest for the third time, Felix suddenly caught sight of that Pokemon he had helped earlier. It was sitting by the side of the road, as if it was waiting for them. Felix approached it again, and it started limping towards him without hesitation.

"Hey there again," Felix said with a smile, he pulled out his Dex and took a picture of the Pokemon. The Dex responded with a robotic voice, "Porculash, the Shedding Pokemon. Ground-poison type. 2-stage evolution like."

"Two stage huh, that means you're either the first or the second," Felix said to the Porculash after the message was completed. He then pulled out a Pokeball and held it out to the Porculash, "Do you want to come with me on my journey?" It nodded its head with a smile, and taped the white button with its nose. The ball opened up and it vaporized into a beam of red lighting and shot back into the Pokeball.

"Wow, my first catch, kinda…." Felix held up the Pokeball, "Since it appears you're a female, I'll name you Nikki!"

And so, the adventure gets off to a good start.

To be Continued…
so yeah. here's chapter two
and the pictures for 1 will be up asap too >.<

sry about the length, got carried away and didn't feel like cutting back.
Snappy said there might've been some unnecessary dialogue in the last one, so I kept the dialogue to a minimum at first, then i decided eh what the heck...

but yeah ^^ hope you guys like it!
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Very good story so far!!
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thanks :D
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um, the Metagross TF?
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umm... no
its formos....
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tk36477 Sep 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
my own region....
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oh i C
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